DreamOval Makes Impact At Recently Ended DevFest 2022

“Be hungry for knowledge and challenges because that’s the only way you build grit and experience” Asiedua Debrah Apomah urged young, aspiring ladies about to pursue their careers in tech.


Organised and hosted by Google Developer Groups across the nation, DevFests are conferences designed for the tech community.


DreamOval’s Asiedua Debrah Apomah, Vice President of Service Operations spoke at the just-ended DevFest2022 event which took place last Saturday at the Accra Technical University. The Women Techpowerment Panel Discussion, which included other brilliant panellists like Alice Mensah, FIDO App, Marketing Manager (App Growth), Audrey Mengue, Tecmie, Software Engineer and Blossom Dugbatey, Eggseed, LLC Frontend Developer was an explosive discussion as women with seasoned experience in tech took to the floor to answer popular questions which plagued the minds of new, bright-eyed female tech lovers.


“My father”, Asiedua answered fondly when asked who her inspiration was to go into tech. She was also asked how women could navigate their way in a male-dominated field like tech, to which she responded “Research companies before applying. Build confidence by improving your skills. Speak up, be you, and don’t dim your light. Go above and beyond expectations. Stay positive – don’t dabble in condescending arguments to your gender.”


 The male-dominated field has long since given way to more females in tech positions, but sadly the battle is still not over. Women must work twice as hard to be seen and heard.