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We are enhancing the digital financial infrastructure for banks and financial institutions to grow and develop their customer base in Africa. Our system brings flexibility to adopt all sorts of financial technologies and brings value to merchants. It works as a payment hub that can collect for goods and services from all channels, from visa card acceptance to mobile money and offline collection points.

Our technology has brought more than 1B$ worth of transactions through our partner bank’s and we are currently enhancing the systems of more than 14 commercial banks to grow digital collections in Africa

Bill Payments

Your bank’s virtual market place

You probably already have billers and services integrated into your ecosystem. With the power of SmartGrid Digital OS, we provide a Biller aggregation platform, Kowri Business, that houses your billers, adds to your existing list of billers, and displays them on a larger virtual dedicated marketplace that connects them to more than 100,000 new potential customers that are already using cashless payments.

Kowri Business is a bill aggregation platform that makes bill payments and collections simple and convenient for service providers and their customers. Kowri Business provides features that allow service providers (billers) to monitor bill payment, manage their customers/bills, and foster customer loyalty. It caters for security, audit trails, nimble integrations and provides a wonderful user experience.

Additionally, Kowri provides a central location for collections where banks can receive payments on behalf of their billers. The service takes care of the technicalities setting up merchants so you have more time to focus on your relationship with your clients and service providers.

Kowri works in two ways;

Kowri Partners

Kowri Partners are mostly Financial Institutions who are connected to Billbox in order to receive payments on behalf of service providers. Kowri Parners simplifies future integrations to your institution’s ecosystem by provisioning a back office management system that fast tracks integrations over API or file uploads.

Kowri Business

Billers are service providers who need to collect payments from their clients for services or goods rendered. Billers currently on Billbox include schools, churches, airlines, verified NGO’s, insurance companies, organisations, utility providers such as electricity water and many more.


Billers hosted on Kowri are available via these channels;

Focus on your core

Connecting to varied merchant requirements can be technically daunting with long chains of approvals and re-approvals. Let SmartGrid Collections platform handle all the hard technical work around connecting and provisioning new bills/merchants on your channels within one week.


No need for new infrastructure

SmartGrid has a go-to-market ready teller portal that enables in-branch collections from a browser. You do not need any infrastructure investments to begin.

Benefits of the collections platform

Quick and easy mobile/ online bill payments and top up functionality

Increased sales

Reduced time to market

Monitoring and reporting; increased transparency and visibility

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