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Kowri Business is a unified payment platform to help you grow your business.. It makes bill collections and payment simple and convenient for their customers. 

Kowri Business provides features that allow service providers (billers) to monitor bill payments, and manage their customers and bills. It caters for security, audit trails, nimble integrations and provides a wonderful user experience.

It provides a single place to manage all multi-channel payments (cash, USSD, mobile money & card payment) from your customers and keep accounting organised at less than 2% across payment channels in Ghana.

Businesses and merchants can start receiving digital payments in less than 24 hours.

Hybrid eCommerce

We offer a cash collection network that allows our merchants to turn their “cash on delivery” option into “cash payment at bank locations”. Our Hybrid eCommerce solution allows people to start their transactions online and finish with cash. Digital merchants can confirm that the goods have been paid before delivery, and their drivers don’t have to ride with the money. This also allows merchants to see transactions in real-time, and confirm that a customer has paid for their goods ahead of time.

Current customers:

Our Billers

Billers currently on Kowri Business include schools, churches, organisations, utility providers like electricity, water and many more. The platform can connect seamlessly to your favourite bank.

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Billbox provides a central location for collections where payments are received

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