DreamOval Makes Phenomenal Impact in the Breaking the Bias – Women in Tech” Webinar

DreamOval Makes Phenomenal Impact in the Breaking the Bias – Women in Tech” Webinar

It is no secret that the month of March is a particularly special one for women all around the world. March celebrates women, their strength and courage which enables them to break barriers and make strides wherever they find themselves.

DreamOval joined the celebration this year by hosting a webinar centered on Women in Technology in Ghana. Distinguished ladies in the Oval answered intriguing questions that have been long since on the minds of young women wanting to break into male- dominated fields.

When Did This Happen?

Held on the 31st March 2022 at 2:00 PM via Microsoft Teams on the topic ‘A Sit Down with the Women in the Oval’, the 100 participant webinar addressed audience topics for over an hour. The speakers for the webinar were DreamOval’s Dzifa Asante Yeboah (HR Manager), Yaa Agyemang – Otu (Project Manager), Asiedua Debrah Apomah (VP Service Operations Center), Winifred Quartey-Papafio (Senior Engineer, ) and Mina Asabea (Programmes Coordinator, from the DreamOval Foundation). It was moderated by Esenam  Adzimah, a Customer Success Specialist at DreamOval.

The company co-founded by two women, has strongly pioneered female inclusion in the tech space since its earliest days. As the world catches up, the ladies of the Oval decided they would do something to empower a younger generation of women looking for success in what is no longer a male dominated area.


Give the Women in the Oval their Flowers – They Deserve It!

The entire initiative was built, owned, and coordinated by the women in the organization. “Breaking the Bias as a theme for this month stood out to us because the idea of a broken bias has always been wired into the organization. There are women at the helm in various levels of the organisation so we’ve never felt there was any bias to break. So we thought we’d share some of our work culture and learnings with younger women and men around the country.”

The audience felt equally rewarded, staying through all 3 sessions and showing their enthusiasm via chat. Many of the audience, who were predominantly female, emphasised  how inspired they were after the session calling on the ladies of the Oval to do a lot more of these sessions in the future.

Keep these coming! You never know who you’re inspiring. My energy levels are on a new high, so thank you for an awesome session!!” mentioned Araba Tweneboa, a participant.

The webinar was truly a smash hit – stay tuned for more!