Kowri Business (formerly Billbox) is a unified payment platform to help you grow your business. Kowri helps drive revenue growth by making bill collections and payment simple and convenient for your customers. 

Kowri Business is a platform that gives you an all-in-one view of all transactions across supported payment options catering for security, audit trails, nimble integrations. With Kowri Business, you open up your business to multiple payment options on one platform (Mobile Money, Card, Bank Account, Kowri App) and Bulk payments. 

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Cash on Delivery

We offer a cash collection network that allows our merchants to track their “cash on delivery” at their back office. Our Hybrid eCommerce solution allows the clients of merchants to start their transactions online and finish with cash. The merchant can confirm that the goods have been paid at delivery and track the amount of cash needed to be reconciled.  This allows merchants to see transactions in real-time, and confirm that a customer has paid for their goods.

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Our Merchants

Merchants currently on Kowri Business include e-commerce shops, transportation fleets, pharmacies, schools, churches, organisations, utility providers like electricity, water and many more.


Acceptez des paiements de tous les portefeuilles et cartes d'argent mobile sur une seule plateforme.

Kowri Business provides a central location for collections where payments are received

Sachez quand vos clients paient leurs factures en temps réel depuis n'importe où dans le monde

Recevez instantanément des paiements digitaux et limitez les problèmes liés aux espèces

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