Harness the power of Omni-channel

The customers using the services of the financial institutions we serve, define their financial journey based on the channels or services they are most comfortable with.

Your role, as a financial institution, is not to force a specific channel your customers interact with, but open possibilities. By giving them access to your Bank-As-A-Service, you will craft consistent world-class experiences for each stakeholder no matter the channel or service they are using. DreamOval helps you implement exceptional customer journeys across devices and platforms. We, at DreamOval, find unique innovative solutions to their everyday challenges.

We support you in the digital transformation of your financial institution.

Transforming Banking through our Omnichannel Banking Platform:

Develop new revenue streams, greater profitability and customer relevance with simpler, faster and smarter banking.

With the SmartGrid Digital OS, your can be present across multiple customer channels (web, mobile, USSD and In-branch) and deliver a flexible and seamless banking experience; anytime, anywhere.

SmartGrid facilitates the digitisation of traditional banking activities that were previously available in a traditional banking hall.


Why Digital Banking?

Grow Organic Revenue

Augment organic revenue by being everywhere your customer is. Drive rapid sale of products and services with multiple avenues for customers to interact and transact.

Secured Competitive Advantage

Keep up with your consumers’ demands by offering and maintaining a competitive edge with SmartGrid’s best-in-class financial solutions.

Lower Operational Costs

Going digital helps minimise redundant labour and mundane tasks. This has a direct positive effect on your bank’s operational costs.

Attract and Retain New Customers

Stay connected and retain the new generation of banking consumers with SmartGrid’s omnichannel digital banking solution.

Ominichannel Digital Banking Solutions

Provide convenience, choice and flexibility to your customers with SmartGrid Omnichannel Retail Banking Solution
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SmartGrid Digital OS

SmartGrid Digital OS is the foundation for best-in-class Omni-Channel digital financial solutions. With SmartGrid, banks can ensure that their financial products are readily available to customers across multiple channels while maintaining a connected view.

Banks and Financial Institutions use technology product lines powered by SmartGrid to bridge the gap between customers and financial products. 


Our Customers

The SmartGrid Digital OS has solutions you need.
Personalize your customers’ journey by combining seperate solutons within the SmartGrid framework.
Together, we can work to solve your business goals.