Case Study

Client Name

Most Holy Heart School


Digital Collection and Reconciliation of Payments



  • Set up fee collection and reconciliation system.
  • Enable quick and easy payments from the comfort of homes via all channels.

Problems solved:

  • Allowed administrative access to all other administrators
  • Set up web payments with a link that processes mobile money, card payments and Slydepay payments and is shareable on WhatsApp, email

Duration of Project:

  • 1 Week


  • 3 Team Members

Key Benefits

The DreamOval team offered a solution to our collection needs with a back office system that gave us the flexibility to share roles and permissions as needed. Previously, we collected fees via mobile money and faced a herculean task when it came to reconciling across all the channels we received from. Billbox has come to provide a solution to that. The Dream team went out of their way to ensure our set up was done quickly and that our team was adequately trained to use the platform. We are especially grateful to Lovelace and Krystle, our account managers, for this work.


Mr. Emmanuel Parker
General Officer