Case Study

Client Name

Ghana COVID-19 Private Sector Fund


Technology Services for COVID-19 Outbreak in Ghana



Phase 1: COVID-19 Private Sector Fund Website

Phase 2: Digital Collections for donations to COVID-19
Private Fund

Staff: 5

Duration: 10 Days



  • Provide online visibility for the COVID-19 private sector fund by implementing an accessible and professional website, SEO and social media pages to provide knowledge on the COVID-19 private sector fund.
  • Set up a complimentary digital collections channel for donations made towards the COVID-19 private sector fund that would be able to accept international payments.
  • Offer maintenance, ongoing support, and digital services in order to ensure that the website is visible and can handle a high number of visitors

Key Benefits

  • Information on the COVID-19 private sector fund can easily be accessed globally via the website and social media pages.


  • Simplified collections towards the targeted GHC100 million by the private sector fund.

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