Billbox Remit

Remittance for Financial Institutions

Plug and Play Remittance Service

Billbox Remit is a turnkey solution available to businesses in the financial sector that want to provide remittance services,
terminating to mobile money wallets or bank accounts.

This B2B2C solution is ready to plug-in to banks, non-banking financial institutions, mobile money telcos and Digital Financial

Old Way

Customers receive money and have to go to an approved point of sale. Long queues, interrupted systems and security verification issues made this process tedious and unsatisfying.

New Way

Customers receive money and can cash out from where they are in an instant. Money can be made available in an instant directly into a bank and mobile money account.

Set-Up Requirements

• Contact of Project Lead

• Bank of Ghana Remittance Service Approval

• An existing partner for money transfer (RIA, MoneyGram, 
Western Union, etc)

Group 22

About Us

Dreamoval is a technology company created in 2007 that specialises in financial transactions in Africa and processes
millions of transactions per year. We work with major financial institutions, government agencies and
merchants to simplify transactions and streamline their collection process through additional channels