SmartGrid Mobile
Banking Solution

Be Everywhere your customers
want you to be!

Customers today are always online and constantly connected. The 2018 FIS PACE Report shows that 72 percent of all customer interactions with a bank take place online or on a mobile device. The SmartGrid Digital OS provides secure and future-proof mobile banking features for your clients.
We understand that every bank works differently and have ensured that our mobile banking solution;

– Is customizable based on your bank requirements.
– Has multi-platform compatibility (IOS, Android)
– Seamlessly integrates to your core banking systems
– Leverages new age security (Fingerprint and Facial Recognition)
– Includes full traceability in all operations


With our mobile banking solution;

Innovate faster

SmartGrid Digital OS provides the foundation for your bank to innovate quickly with advanced customer-centric technologies such as Biometric-enabled authentication and Contactless Payments through QR code.

Grow your client base

With SmartGrid, onboard customers in minutes. Our customer onboarding system automatically captures and validates customer data by sending them to backend systems for rapid processing.

Augment sales

Be everywhere your customers want you to be by providing access to their most used services on your mobile banking platform. SmartGrid provides insight into your customer’s online.

Features of Mobile Banking Solution:

The SmartGrid Digital OS has solutions you need.
Personalize your customers’ journey by combining seperate solutons within the SmartGrid framework.
Together, we can work to solve your business goals.