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DreamOval Ltd. Announces New C.E.O – Claud Kweku A. Hutchful


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DreamOval Ltd. Announces New C.E.O – Claud Kweku A. Hutchful

digital , 16-05-2018

DreamOval Ltd is pleased to announce co-founder Claud Kweku A. Hutchful as its new Chief Executive Officer. Derrydean Dadzie (Co-founder & Former C.E.O) handed the baton to Mr Claud Hutchful after a little over a decade of leading affairs at the oval with the support of three other co-founders. Mr Hutchfuls’ appointment was approved by the company’s board of directors in April 2018.

Derrydean leaves a strong legacy at DreamOval. Under his leadership, DreamOval built one of Ghana’s strongest technology brands. Derry will continue to serve on the Board of DreamOval while pursuing other opportunities and interests.

Derrydean Dadzie, had to say about the transition:

‘As the company leaps into new dimensions, transcend borders, pursues best practices, influences life experiences and continues to transform the world through the ingenuity of all of you, I urge you all to give it your best shot at every opportunity. Be the ‘bestest’ at what you do. Learn at every chance. Don’t relent on dreaming massive dreams’

Claud, the new C.E.O, comes on board as an innovative, agile, focused and passionate technologist who previously led the Products & Platforms division of DreamOval. He, along with Derrydean, Henry Sampson and Charles Hansen-Quao, co-founded DreamOval Ltd in 2007, months after completing Ashesi University.

Claud had this to say about his new position,

“Isaac Newton once said, ‘If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants’. Derry played and continues to play an integral role as one of DreamOval’s giants. I will definitely work with him to lead the team even further to build innovative technology that evolve the human experience.