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10 Years of Making Life Simple


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10 Years of Making Life Simple

digital , 20-11-2017

From the inception of an idea to the creation of a pace-setting Tech company in Ghana, Dreamoval Ltd has and still stands out among the lot. It’s a story of four boys turned men who braved through the odds, dared the status quo, strategised and planned to start and keep a company running. In all, it’s been 10 years of making life simple.

It’s the story of a computer lab on Ashesi’s former campus turned office and then relocating to a section of a 3 story building in Sakumono. A tale of a four-man force turn to over 50 employed staff. Many may have come and left but the dream that was planted on the 20th of September, 2007 still grows strong.

On 8th November, at the internal launch of DreamOval’s 10th Anniversary Derrydean Dadzie, Chief Doer at the Oval, reminisced about how DreamOval came to being. He shared some of the struggles and achievements the company had chalked over the years. The short launch with the theme ’10 years of making life simple. Ushering a future of smart possibilities for generations‘, was crowned with a cocktail.

A decade later, Dreamoval Ltd has evolved into four major teams:

DO Money

Ever heard of Slydepay?

This team developed and constantly manages Slydepay, the mobile money app which serves as mobile and electronic wallet to facilitate and simplify everyday payments. The app which was launched in 2015, has transformed the financial ecosystem by propelling financial inclusion especially among middle and low-income earners in Ghana. The team is saddled with the job of ensuring Slydepay works and gives mind-boggling customer service. They do so with utmost passion.


DO Enterprise

Is your business searching for a digital solution which will give insight?

This team just might be your saviour. DO Enterprise comprises the best of coders in Ghana who tirelessly work around the clock to provide software that delight your customers and translates into greater profitability. The team developed Enterprise Nurs, a suite of applications that help businesses drive customer stickiness (customer experience management) which is imperative for any resilient profitability strategy.

DO Digital

Searching for the seals in the Oval?

You found them in the digital team. A resilient team who constantly provide digital strategy and innovation to transform your organization through digital innovation. DO Digital manages mytxtbuddyQikli Engage and Cloudarious.