Using Technology To Transform Justice Delivery in Ghana

Using Technology to Create an Effective, Efficient and Expeditious Justice Delivery System

Using Technology to Create an Effective, Efficient and Expeditious Justice Delivery System

“Using ICT in justice delivery is more complex than simply purchasing computers” – Mrs. Justice Torkornoo

Justice Torkornoo

Justice Torkornoo

For the November edition of DreamOval Knowledge Transfer Series (DOTTS), the team hosted Her Ladyship Mrs. Justice Gertrude Torkornoo JA, a justice of the Appeal Court of Ghana who spoke on “The Role of ICT in Justice Delivery.” She also spoke extensively on corruption, a subject she is passionate about.

According to Justice Torkornoo, the use of technology in justice delivery goes beyond having a computer. On the contrary, it involves a healthy blend of equipment, network infrastructure, servers, intranet, internet, software and sites for hosting. As a nation, we must also be conscientious in our catch up because as the late President Nyerere of Tanzania said, “As late comers, we must run while others are walking.”

Justice Torkornoo said that with the use of technology which helps save time and money, justice will be easily accessible and fair to all especially for people who may be disadvantaged due to a lack of resources.


Pointers on how technology can be harnessed to deliver justice effectively, efficiently and expeditiously:

  • Develop systems that ensure effective administration of the Judicial Service nationwide
  • Empower the Judiciary to work effectively by cutting out a lot of the paper processes
  • Develop quick, easy and accessible Judicial training resources preferably, cloud-based products
  • Create substituted services such as systems that allow courtroom proceedings to be conducted via video conferencing
  • Ensure confidence in the rule of law as administered by the Judiciary through creating channels that increase transparency and access to judgements
  • Reduce and remove corruption through open data
  • Automate courtroom processes and procedures
  • Publish cause lists, court orders, auction sales and any other public notices

Ultimately, these digital tools should effectively create linkages with all partners in the justice delivery chain such as registrars, courtroom recorders, judges, court clerks, law reports, legal research resources, old judgements, etc.

On the subject of corruption, Justice Torkornoo said that it is a canker that has affected the Ghanaian society. She described it is an abnormal practice that seems to be deeply settling into normalcy. She therefore advised DOers and by extension Ghanaians to see it as the landmine that can only lead to destruction if we don’t dig ourselves out of it.

“Corruption involves your children, siblings and relations and inasmuch as you think that you are benefitting them right now, you are endangering their future,” she said.


Justice Torkornoo with DOers and guests

Justice Torkornoo with DOers and guests

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The DreamOval Knowledge Transfer Series (DOTTS) is a monthly DreamOval Foundation organized event that focuses on bridging the knowledge gap through sharing of thought via conversation and participation. DOTTS invites a special guest each month from varying walks of life to speak on their work or life experiences. The concept stems from one of the core principles upon which the DreamOval Foundation was founded: Knowledge creation, Sharing and utilization.


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