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SAP Global Partners the DreamOval Foundation



SAP a global software giant has partnered with the DreamOval foundation to improve the quality of ICT education for teachers in Ghana. The support was to assist the foundation scale up on her initiative to offer free ICT training to teachers in Ghana. This was part of the SAP Social Sabbatical initiative for the SAP Executive to work with select NGOs in Ghana as part of their social enterprise initiative. It is the company’s social intervention program to support various projects in emerging economies across the globe.

The collaboration with SAP was to assist the DreamOval Foundation develop cutting edge strategies to scale and impact a lot more teachers in Ghana through the free ICT program it offers to teachers in Ghana. It also afforded the team the opportunity to travel to the Western region, specifically Takoradi and Half Assini, to interact with teachers who participated in last year’s iTeach program hosted at the Ashesi University for 64 teachers from the Western region.
The SAP team was in the country for two weeks to work and assist the foundation and her partners scale the free ICT program and impact more teachers with her flagship program iTeach. The executive team from SAP included Franz Hero, Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Management & Logistics, Dr. Wolfgang Fassnacht, Senior Vice President, HR Director Germany and Angelique De Vries, Head of Global Presales, Global customer experience.

Speaking at the closing ceremony to end the program, Dr. Wolfgang Fassnacht, commended the DreamOval foundation highly for the initiative to support ICT education in Ghana. He praised the team for their efforts to target teachers from less endowed schools, instead of the top ones and said this was the best way to spread knowledge among the teaching population. On her part, Angelique De Vries, spoke in the area of the multiplier effect to ensure a lot more teachers benefit from the initiative. Franz Hero on the other hand advised the foundation to separate the training into two, to make it easier for the teachers to replicate the lessons to other teachers. In his view, the training should be split into two models, an introductory and an advance training to make it easier for teachers to impact the knowledge acquired to their colleagues.
The Coordinator for the DO Foundation, Miss Mina Asabea on her part praise the team for their high level knowledge and their commitment to work with the foundation to improve the program for the teachers. She expressed her gratitude and assured the team of implementing the strategic plan worked on by the team during the period.

The visit afforded the team the opportunity to interact with the teachers at first hand, to assess the impact of the training and to monitor how teachers are able to retrain other teachers from the various districts, known as a the multiplier effect in business.
Education is said to be the bedrock of any thriving society and a good education as such is necessary for a growing economy such as Ghana. This is why the DreamOval Foundation with the tenets to Create, Share and Utilise knowledge has taken upon herself the mandate to improve the way ICT education is delivered to teachers in Ghana through offering free ICT and pedagogy to over 170,000 teachers with the collaboration with GNAT and Ashesi University College.

Started in 2010, iTeach, was developed to offer free ICT training to registered members of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT). Over the last five (5) years, more than 360 teachers in Ghana have benefited from this free training from five (5) regions in Ghana, including Accra, Central, Ashanti, Eastern, Northern and Western. The purpose is to assist teachers understand ICT, use Microsoft tools and the internet to deliver teaching effectively in the classrooms.

SAP is a German multinational software corporation that makes enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations. SAP is headquartered in Walldorf, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, with regional offices in 130 countries. The company has over 293,500 customers in 190 countries across the world.

Started in 2012, SAP with support from PYXERA Global worked to design and implement the pilot SAP Social Sabbatical, a unique, short-term assignment for the company’s high potential employees. Social Sabbatical participants work in international, cross-functional teams to solve business challenges for entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises in emerging markets. Participants get the unique opportunity to turn SAP’s vision of “helping the world run better and improving people’s lives” into their personal reality.

This year’s edition was the first for the tech giant executive to embark on its first Social Sabbatical program to Africa and Ghana was chosen for this pilot to host the executive group of 12 in various activities, working for selected foundations in Ghana.

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