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Roses Are Orange at the Oval


Valentine’s Day is traditionally a day to show love to your significant other. Lovers all over the world have relished in the holiday, taking pains to express how much they adore each other.

More recently Valentine’s Day is a day to show to anyone in your life, whether it be your significant other, your family or that friend who is like family. It is a day to show appreciation for all the work he/she does for you.

On this lovely Valentine Day morning, the Chief DOer – though far away from us – decided to make his presence felt and shower his lady DOers with love and appreciation. DerryDean Dadzie had roses delivered to the Oval, one for each lady in the Oval.

The roses were gallantly presented to each of the ladies in the Oval by our very own messenger with warm appreciation and regards from the Chief DOer himself.  The surprise was met with much joy and excitement with squeals of delight erupting wherever the roses were delivered.

The fresh cut roses are now a delightful addition to the office tables, adding a touch of colour and a reminder of such a beautiful highlight of our day.

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