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myTXTbuddy 2.0 Released!


We’re proud to announce today that your favorite Bulk SMS Messaging Solution has been updated!! In line with our commitment to bringing you the best possible service, we have upgraded myTXTbuddy to bring you a simpler, faster and more convenient SMS messaging service from the comfort of your computer.

New Features Available Include:

1. Faster, Simpler Signups!

Creating a new account is now faster and easier. We only require an absolute minimum of information from you before you can start shooting out your messages. Tell your friends it’s now even simpler to start blasting SMSs using MTB!

2. Easier, Quicker Contact Management!

Uploading and managing your contacts just became easier. Get those groups of contacts added quickly to your MTB account and send messages to specific groups with less hassle.

3. Personalized SMSs

We’ve improved our personalized SMS system, now allowing you to craft messages that will appear specific to each of your contacts. Use this to give your messages a more personal touch!

4. Top-Up Bonus with iWallet!

We’re announcing a promotional offer that will give you 20% MORE credit when you top-up your MTB account using DreamOval’s online payment service iWallet! Go to to create an account now! It’s FREE!

5. Excel Plug-In Now Available

We now have a special plugin available for Excel users which will allow you to upload your contacts straight from Microsoft Excel itself into your MTB account online.  Find and Download the plugin on our website.


Login to your account now to enjoy all these new features and don’t hesitate to contact us on our website or social media channels if you have any problems. We’re here to serve.


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  • June 27, 2017

    i am happy about the updates.. that is n the right direction but please hwne will you start allowing your systems to send bulk sms to International numbers..

    its very key. because programmers like me left ghana to other african countries to explore but i have been limited because my bulk sms from dream oval cannot send messages to international numbers.. i really need help.

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