iWallet Cruise Launched at eBusiness Breakfast Meeting

iWallet e-Business Breakfast Held With Partners at The African Regent Hotel

iWallet e-Business Breakfast Held With Partners at The African Regent Hotel

iWallet, the all-in-one money app that simplifies your transactions, purchases and more, was showcased to merchants and partners at the African Regent Hotel in Accra, during a breakfast meeting.

This meeting brought together many of the key players in Ghana’s mushrooming eCommerce ecosystem to share the tangible impact of their success and share their visions for the future.

Participants included major online stores, NGOs and financial institutions.  These included Fidelity Bank, Stanbic Bank, First Atlantic Bank, First Capital Plus, Zoobashop.com, OdoAsem.com, Springboard Foundation, Leading Ladies’ Network, and DSTV, among others.

iWallet is an all-in-one money app that simplifies your transactions, purchases and more. Launched in 2012, iWallet has grown apace and has played a major role in most of Ghana’s eCommerce success stories. The iWallet Platform received a major upgrade in September 2014, aimed at bringing the ultimate user experience to financial transactions and opening up new eCommerce business models. This upgrade, also known as iWallet Cruise, showcases the ease, convenience and user experience intent the DreamOval team who developed and manage the service bring to the eBusiness space.

 “Since its inception, we at DreamOval, have witnessed the massive impact iWallet has made in the lives of ordinary people turned eCommerce entrepreneurs and established business looking to embrace online business. This Breakfast Meeting has been a chance to learn more about how iWallet is transforming ordinary businesses and individuals into eCommerce superstars. We will continue to roll out greater improvements to cement our position as the go-to application for anyone looking to embrace eCommerce” – Derrydean Dadzie, CEO of DreamOval Limited

Alongside this update comes the launch of an iWallet Mobile App and a Merchant Virtual Terminal which will bring the power and flexibility of iWallet to mobile device users and merchants across the world. With iWallet Cruise, individuals and business owners can monitor and take control of all their financial activity on the go as well as make payments at stores without the need for physical cards or cash. iWallet Cruise also allows users to connect directly with their Bank Account in order to make transactions to and from their main money account.

“iWallet has been a godsend for my NGO as it allows the Leading Ladies’ Network to collect donations in any currency from our partners across the world. There’s no longer any need to arrange expensive international money transfers. Now our partners can donate online with the click of a button’ – Yawa Hansen-Quao, Founder of the Leading Ladies Network
iWallet Cruise Launched

DreamOval Limited is a software development company focused on designing and building software that ‘Makes Life Simple’.

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