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3 Secrets To Greater Customer Support

Customer support is essential for customer satisfaction and retention in any business. In many  companies, especially within the field of technology, the responsibility for customer support is placed on the customer service team to ensure maximum customer satisfaction Customer support is an art. For any art to be properly executed, there is a need for …


5 Tech Trends To Tickle Your Fancy In 2017

Welcome to 2017. A year with glimpses of far-reaching technological milestones that will influence the way we live. Over the past decade we have been awed at how dynamically and quickly technology is transforming our lives and the world around us. Ten years ago the first generation of IPhones was rolled out, Facebook began its …


Graphic Design Professor, Kofi Opoku, Visits The Oval

West Virginia University Graphic Design Professor, Kofi Opoku, was recently in Ghana on a three-week visit, and gave a presentation about the web design process to DreamOval staff. The one-hour session, which took place on June 11, covered several topics including: Content Strategy, Wire Framing, Mock-ups, Prototyping and User Testing, just to name a few. He also …


Can Ghana Create Its Own Silicon Valley?

Minister of Communications, Haruna Iddrisu, recently revealed government plans to build a technology park to encourage high-tech entrepreneurial growth in Tema. This park is set to model successful examples such as Egypt’s Smart Village, South Africa’s Innovation Hub and the best known example, Silicon Valley of the United States. Laudable, and feasible, as this project …


Does Your Website Look Good On Mobile Devices?

So you’ve taken the big technological leap forward and developed a website for your product or organization, it looks good and it appears customers are visiting it, that should be enough right? Unfortunately it’s not. Many websites of local businesses and organizations in Ghana suffer from a major design flaw.


What Can We Learn From Some of Tech’s Biggest Failures?

The world of technology is a fast-paced environment in which trends arrive and disappear only slightly slower than the tech startups that accompany them.


How Do Your Customers Find You?

‘Location, location, location…’ For years this has been the mantra of business experts highlighting the importance of the physical location of a business in drawing customers. The basic reasoning underlining


Is a Viral Marketing Campaign Perfect For Your Brand?

If there is anything tha t can be said to be iconic of the dawn of social media and Web 2.0 applications, it is viral  marketing.  The rise of viral campaigns has had marketers


Are Women Being Left Out of the Tech Revolution?

  What do Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Google, Rancard Solutions and DreamOval Ltd have in common? From small local firms to multinationals, from the old to the young, and from international to local; each and every one of these tech firms was started by men. To this day it’s surprising and somewhat disturbing that women seem …


How Can You Make Money from Your Mobile App?

So, you’re a hotshot young software developer with an awesome idea for a mobile app, you’re sure it will rock the world and have more users than Angry Birds. Perhaps you’ve already finished the app and are ready to launch in a big splash, but now the big question hits you, how exactly are you going …

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