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Free Education, Just a Click Away

Education has been a hotly discussed topic over the last few weeks and it is indeed a concern that lies on the hearts of many Ghanaians looking to improve themselves. The Internet has long-provided an excellent avenue for people to educate themselves on different topics. Unfortunately, the vast amount of information available on the web …


Are Tablets Nothing More Than A Fad?

Since the launch of the iPad in April 2010, tablet computers appear to have finally fulfilled their potential and have flown off store shelves in ever increasing numbers. Numerous competitors to the iPad have arisen and have proved just as marketable and successful as the Apple product. The tablet computer has sought to fill the gap for …


Forget the Government, What Can WE Do to Help Local Entrepreneurs?

In Ghana we’ve discussed, researched, and held numerous workshops on the challenges in starting a small business in this country, tech-oriented or otherwise. We’ve known for years that the biggest challenge has been the difficulty in accessing affordable credit. However, despite the ‘best’ efforts of our central bank, credit rates remain high and distinctly unaffordable …


Can Ghana Create Its Own Silicon Valley?

Minister of Communications, Haruna Iddrisu, recently revealed government plans to build a technology park to encourage high-tech entrepreneurial growth in Tema. This park is set to model successful examples such as Egypt’s Smart Village, South Africa’s Innovation Hub and the best known example, Silicon Valley of the United States. Laudable, and feasible, as this project may appear at …


Could Steve Jobs Have Grown and Succeeded in Ghana?

The world these past few days has been mourning the loss of a great inventor and leader, Steve Jobs. Judging from Facebook status updates, many here in Ghana mourned him just as much as others in the world, and why not?  Jobs’ inventions: the iPod, iPhone, iPad and Apple computers are just as well regarded …


Social Media: Just For Fun or Serious Business?

The Social media revolution has been going strong for quite a while now and Ghanaians have been no exception. According to data from Facebook’s advertising tool, Ghana currently has 1, 096,6001 Facebook users with 72.4% of those users ranging in age from 18-34 years in age.Alexa ranks Facebook as the number one site visited by Ghanaians online, …