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Miracles DO Happen – Cupid’s Gender

Welcome to the fifth episode of Miracles! There have been great miracles in all the episodes, and we hope you didn’t miss any of them. So far, we have been looking how tools can be useful in analyzing data, and some tips and tricks to help us effectively use Excel. Data Science is exciting, right? …


Miracles DO Happen – Cupid’s Media 2

Welcome back to Miracles Do Happen! This series has been exciting and insightful to both DOers and outsiders. Three episodes has been released so far on this series. If you missed out on any of them, I am happy to tell that it is not too late to catch up! In the previous episode, we …


Miracles DO Happen – Cupid’s Media

The DO Data Science division has so far released two sessions of Miracles DO Happen.  Previously on Miracles DO Happen, we worked on predicting which gift our office heart-break gal was going to get next from her secret admirer. Uhuh… we did. To achieve this, we used the tool for that week – Weka, a …


Miracles DO Happen – Cupid’s Gift Revealed

  After a totally mind blowing pilot of Miracles DO Happen, the DO Data Science division was at it again on the 9th of July to finish what they started. We hope you did not miss the first session. If you did, we’ll give you a little recap. Last time, we set a goal to …


Miracles DO Happen – The Cupid Discovery

Ready, set, DO… The Doers are back at it, launching the first session of Miracles DO happen, a company initiative by the Data Science division of the Oval. It is meant to keep the team up to date with new technology for business intelligence, give quick tips and tricks for off the cuff data analysis …