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Miracles DO Happen – Cupid’s Media 2

Welcome back to Miracles Do Happen! This series has been exciting and insightful to both DOers and outsiders. Three episodes has been released so far on this series. If you missed out on any of them, I am happy to tell that it is not too late to catch up! In the previous episode, we …


Miracles DO Happen – Cupid’s Media

The DO Data Science division has so far released two sessions of Miracles DO Happen.  Previously on Miracles DO Happen, we worked on predicting which gift our office heart-break gal was going to get next from her secret admirer. Uhuh… we did. To achieve this, we used the tool for that week – Weka, a …


Big Data Banking – A Presentation by Henry Sampson

In the past two decades, core banking systems have evolved from a decentralized architecture to a service oriented one. This presentation explores what has motivated this change and sheds some light on the next frontier of banking. It also provides insight into how DreamOval has prepared for this future with a stack of Open Source …