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Our Night of Carols – Glory to the King

‘Hark the Heralds Doers Sing Glory to the New Born King’   There was a tingling in the atmosphere on that night – one of joy peace and love. Ours was a night filled with melodious music, laughter, drama and a few tears of joy. DOers along with their family and friends met at Hope …


10 Years of Making Life Simple

From the inception of an idea to the creation of a pace-setting Tech company in Ghana, Dreamoval Ltd has and still stands out among the lot. It’s a story of four boys turned men who braved through the odds, dared the status quo, strategised and planned to start and keep a company running. In all, it’s …


3 Secrets To Greater Customer Support

Customer support is essential for customer satisfaction and retention in any business. In many  companies, especially within the field of technology, the responsibility for customer support is placed on the customer service team to ensure maximum customer satisfaction Customer support is an art. For any art to be properly executed, there is a need for …


5 Tech Trends To Tickle Your Fancy In 2017

Welcome to 2017. A year with glimpses of far-reaching technological milestones that will influence the way we live. Over the past decade we have been awed at how dynamically and quickly technology is transforming our lives and the world around us. Ten years ago the first generation of IPhones was rolled out, Facebook began its …


FINTECH, the new force transforming Insurance Inclusion in Africa

Technological revolution in the Finance sector across the world has caught on rapidly and is projected at a larger growth in the coming years. Though initial reception in Africa may have been slow, the years after the global meltdown saw a rapid rise in the creation and use of Fintech products. For a long time, …



The long wait by Windows phone users is over. Slydepay is now available on Windows. Slydepay is your disruptive mobile money app that enables seamless money transfer, merchant and person to person payments. This incredible application was developed by DreamOval Limited and powered by Stanbic Bank. The initial versions of Slydepay which were for Android, IOS, …


Dreamoval Foundation Supports Ashesi Code Fair

Technology is dynamic and that dynamism is transforming the world. From the inception and use of internet to the application of artificially intelligent software, the stress of our traditional lifestyle is becoming a thing of the past. In Africa, education is being used as a tool to teach and drive an increase in the use …


Enterprise Life Premium Payments Are Now Available on Slydepay

DreamOval Limited, creators of Slydepay, Stanbic Bank and Enterprise Life Ghana are pleased to announce a partnership which allows payment of premiums using Slydepay. This integration is readily available at the Slydepay website at as well as the mobile app for Android and IOS. The partnership serves as an advantage for policyholders of Enterprise …


Did You Notice The Amazing Tech Used at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games?

In the four years since the London 2012 Olympic Games, technology has continued to transform everyday life at a breathtaking pace. At Rio 2016, Olympians and the Game Organisers have harnessed technology innovations to enhance their performance and make the spectator experience more exciting than ever before. Virtual Reality, Instant Video Reviews, and underwater digital …


SAP Global Partners the DreamOval Foundation

SAP a global software giant has partnered with the DreamOval foundation to improve the quality of ICT education for teachers in Ghana. The support was to assist the foundation scale up on her initiative to offer free ICT training to teachers in Ghana. This was part of the SAP Social Sabbatical initiative for the SAP …