About Us - DreamOval

We build technology to Make Life Simple

We use world class technologies and open-standards to provide relevant Data Science, Transaction-driven Enterprise Software, and Cloud Services that simplify the life and work of people and organizations around the world. We do this by delivering a superior customer experience from a competent and happy team.

DreamOval’s ultimate vision is to use technology to Make Life Simple. Our big dream is to impact the world through the transformation of  Africa by churning out insanely great innovation. We pursue our passion in the context of the greater community, believing our success can and should serve as the platform for the realization of others’ dreams.

The DNA of The Oval

There are many principles that reflect who we are as a company and what it means to be a DOer. We consider a few of these to be at the very core of our philosophy in the way we hire and the way we work, both internally and with our clients.

User Experience

Get Things Done Easily
We believe in building not just apps, but crafting an experience that makes it a pleasure for you to get important work done.

Young, Local Talent

Investing in Africa's Future
We invest in the future of Africa by employing our brightest young minds and giving them the challenge to succeed in the global arena.

Build & Improve

Software As A Relationship
Building software isn’t a one-off venture. We believe in continuous improvement of all that we do and nurturing relationships with those we do it with.


Collaborate Inside & Out
Openness and collaboration both within the team and with the global community is the path we take to find success

The Management Team

Derrydean Dadzie
Chief DOer

Derry, co-founded Dream Oval in 2007. He guides the team to deliver cutting edge mobile and internet solutions to meet the needs of businesses and the socially excluded. He’s been cited in diverse articles and presentation on mobile technology and entrepreneurship in Africa. He also takes time to speak at various conferences relating to mobile technology. His interests include Fante hymns, people development, and having open debates

Francis Ahene-Affoh
Lead, Business Development

Francis leads the DreamOval marketing team, joining us to continue a career that has seen excellence as the first Marketing Manager of Africa’s largest cyber cafe and technology center as well as successful endeavors in media. With over 11 years of experience in the service industry, Francis has spearheaded the transformation of start-up companies in various sectors.

Claud Hutchful
Lead, Product Development

Claud leads Product Development as project manager and software architect on all our major developments. An insatiable geek now armed with a CS degree and many years working in the e-Business industry, he brings his skill set, experience and exposure to bear on our pioneering work in the online payment services industry in Ghana and elsewhere.

Henry Sampson
Lead, Engineering and Research

Henry currently spearheads all software development and research efforts at DreamOval.  A profound math geek,  his career before DreamOval included Solutions Analyst at Rancard Solutions where he built a Billing Gateway which enabled Content Providers bill subscribers. From there he became a Managing Engineer at SAIGN  Limited, where he lead development on the nation’s first Artificially Intelligent traffic control system.

Charles Hansen-Quao
Lead, Product Operations and Internet Business

Charles is an HCI evangelist and leads the User Experience and Support Services teams. His tremendous passion for software that speaks to the heart ensures that our software is aesthetically appealing, pleasurable and unquestionably easy to use; keeping you exceedingly satisfied – for life! He also volunteers most weekends teaching free basic computer classes to those who otherwise have limited opportunities to learn how to use a computer.

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